Free Range-Organic Grown Duck Eggs

are Duck eggs that are larger and more nutrient-dense than chicken eggs, with more protein, omega-3s, and B-12 vitamins. The flavor profile is similar, though the duck egg’s higher fat content makes for a richer texture, ideal for baking. Click here for this Week's Primo Egg Recipe.

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Ducks on the Prairie

Farm History

A third-generation farmer in Cotati.

Anthony Bordessa knew from a young age that he wanted to carry on the family’s legacy. Though his grandfather’s dairy is no longer in the family, Anthony grew up in the dairy supply store and helped his parents raise pastured chickens. After serendipitously clicking on an article about duck eggs while searching the internet, Anthony learned for the first time about the tight-knit duck egg advocacy community that celebrates the egg for its lofty yolk, superior nutrient content, and decadent richness. He decided to give duck egg farming a try with a starter flock of 60 ducks. His farm has since grown to a flock of over 4000 Kakhi Campbell ducks that he raises free-range on organic pastures. 


10 acres in Petaluma, CA, 55miles from San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.


California Certified Organic Pasture on which their ducks are free range.

All you need to know about Duck Eggs-Nutrition, Benefits, etc. link tab.

Washoe Valley Duck Farm- Sonoma's Free Range-Organic Duck Eggs

1420 Madrone Ave, Sonoma County, CA  94931 

Ph:  707. 364-9639